… is a landscape of opulent and yet mysterious beauty. In order to fully discover and enjoy this beauty it requires peace and a feeling for the remaining values through the ages. Here the spoken word, true friendship and the look in your counterpart’s eyes still count more than the fast values of our time.

In his long, often deep in the everlasting loess dug “Kellergassen” (or cellar lanes), in which every form of hectic rush would cause astonishment, is the world a different place and the life there has remained pretty primal.

The terrace-formed steps build the fundament for premium vineyards. For the viticulture the loess soil is very beneficial. The soil has a high capacity in terms of storing water and an useful field capacity. The Green Veltliner, all representatives of the burgundy family as well as the most red-wine-varieties are comfortable in growing here.


Spring Awakening at the Wagram
Annually around the 1st of May the Spring Awakening and the Loess Spring is being celebrated in the whole Wagram region.